Non-Human Symbols

Through the non-human communities history, we have come to identify ourselves with particular symbols. Here, we'll take a look at them and what exactly they represent. 


The "Elven Star".  Sometimes referred to now as the Otherkin Star, or Septagram. This symbol is probably the most notable and most common symbol found used by Otherkin. 


The "Theta-Delta". This symbol is the most recognizably used for Therianthropy.
It consists of the two greek characters, the theta, and the delta, laid on top of one another.  


The Symbol System for Otherkin and Therians by Nokken. A way for Otherkin and Therians alike to customize a symbol that is unique to their non-human experience. Each part has a different meaning. You can find a detailed rundown of the symbol and pdf to use it here.


The Otherborn symbol by Azaphaer. A way for those who are Otherborn to identify themsevles and connect with the nature of their souls. The symbol involves a circle at the top representing the individual soul at point A that travels down through a spiral(reincarnation/dimensional crossing etc) to where it ends at point B in the current vessel. 

The Fictionkin symbol created by Scandiacus. The most recognized symbol of those who identify as Fictionkin. It features the letter F in the middle of 3 circles.