Fictionkin are people who on an integral level, involuntarily identify as characters or species found in fictional media. This definition, and the 3 italicized traits, are the defining features that make up what our community was built around.  They are the criteria that one must experience in order to consider themselves fictionkin. As the most important part of this to understand, is that those who are fictionkin did not choose to be this way. A person can not become fictionkin, they either are or they are not. 

     Similar to the Otherkin community, and otherwise an Otherkin-adjacent experience, we follow most of the same community standards. The only significant difference from Otherkin is the type of identity. All the same, like Otherkin, many believe we were born this way. Even if we do not come to this realization about ourselves right away, it is something inherent to our nature and has always been part of who we are. Awakening to this, or coming to that realization, does not change who we are. Rather, we come to know who we were all along. 

      When it comes to identifying as fictional characters and species, there is often a lot more skepticism than what Otherkin or Therians get. There is a misconception that we are only relating to the character or projecting ourselves onto them. This is however not the case for those of us who are truly fictionkin. We have come to know our identities through the same amount of introspection and self reflection of any other identity. For most of us, we did not even find out that a source of media existed to our experiences until after awakening.  

     The feelings were already there and always present before we connected them to a character. Many of us don't make that connection until we finally come into contact with our source. That is when there is a sudden sense of déjà vu and overall feeling of "home" that hits us. We find that we immediately recognize the world, the culture, the characters and everything just "clicks" into place. The feelings we have already had for years suddenly make sense to us. We didn't become this way overnight, it has always been part of us, and we came to know who we truly are in that moment of awakening. 

     We don't exactly know why we are this way. The reason behind these identities is unknown to us, but for the most part Fictionkin either have come to believe their identities come from spiritual means, or a psychological reasoning. It is common for Fictionkin to believe in a multi-verse, where they were their fictotype in another alternate realty, or are even currently existing as them in another dimension. Then there are others who rather think that their identity comes from something rooted in their mentality or psychology. Whichever the case, they are still all fictionkin, as what we are is the defining factor, not the how or why. 

     We may not all share the same experiences, but in the end are still held together by the one thing we do all have in common, and that is we are all fictional characters. Its nothing like relating to a fictional character, or projecting ourselves onto the ideas of media, we are these characters through and through, whether we like it or not. Its not something we choose, we either are or are not.