Draconity is the belief of those who are dragons. They are referred to as draconicdragonkin, or simply as dragons. The draconic community developed separate from that of the Otherkin, however both have certainly overlapped at times. Its important to know that not all dragons refer to themselves as Otherkin though, even if by definition they are. Many dragons prefer their own community,  that rooted from alt.fan.dragons mailing list in 1994.  

     Being draconic is the way of life for someone who experiences draconity. It is an integral and involuntary part of their self, and permanent part of their existence. One does not choose to be a dragon, they are born this way. When a dragon awakens, they know their true self, and come to a realization of what they have always been. It is not the same as people like furries(or rather scalies) who express themselves through dragon characters. For draconics, our identity is an inherent and inseparable part of ourselves.

     For many dragons it is through a spiritual belief that we feel this way. Some of us feel we have the soul of a dragon, or that we were one in a past life. Other dragons think that something psychological is the cause of their draconity. In the end, no matter how we have come to rationalize it, we are all dragons one and the same.