Frequently Asked Questions

 What, or who, are Otherkin?

  A group of people who find themselves involuntarily identifying as something other than human are Otherkin. Generally speaking, they usually identify as non-earthy or mythical creatures, but any identity that is non-human in nature is considered that of an Otherkin. Popular examples include those who are dragons, elves, or unicorns.

   It is largely referred to as an umbrella term in which other groups of non-humans fall under. Those groups include: Therians(those who identify as earth animals) or Fictionkin(those who identify as beings from media) which both may fall under the term by definition alone. 

What is a Kintype?

    A kintype is a term Otherkin use to describe the species they identify as.  For example, an Otherkin who identifies as a Gryphon would say that their "kintype is a Gryphon".  It can be explained in a way that the person is kin to this species.

   One’s kintype is a personal part of them that they can not change. It makes an Otherkin whole and complete. An Otherkin feels that they are their kinytpe more so than they feel they are human even. Of course, all the while an Otherkin understands that physically they are only human. We understand and are aware of reality, with our otherness existing as an internal self image.

   When one knows what their kintype is, they will sometimes refer to themselves as (insert kintype)-kin. For example, a dragon would call themselves dragonkin. Some have more than one kintype too, and are known as “polykin”. Being polykin means that they have more than one kintype. 


What is an Awakening?

   An awakening is the discovery of one’s other self. It is the moment that someone awakens to the idea that they are not only human, that they are something else. This process is different for every Otherkin. Some do not even experience an awakening and claim to be born awakened. Whatever the case, most Otherkin go through a period of figuring themselves out, as ones self image generally needs the time to do so.

   It is greatly encouraged within the community to question ones self and others on their identity. We do not mindlessly go with something because it is “cool” or “unique”, but rather base it on deep thought of what the individual is experiencing. Introspection and self questioning are key aspects of discovering ones kintype. 

   The process of awakening and finding ones kintype out takes each person a different amount of time, but most agree that it should never be a rushed conclusion. Many Otherkin take years to find themselves, or even never really do. Questioning ones self does not ever end regardless, as we learn and discover more about ourselves.

What are Phantom Limbs?
  When Otherkin speak of having the sensations of ‘ghostly limbs’ that embody their kintypes, they are speaking of phantom limbs.  A phantom limb is the feeling of a non existing limb on the body as if it were actually there. While this is a phenomenon experienced by other humans as well, Otherkin in particular experience nonhuman limbs such as tails, wings, or snouts. 

What is Shifting?

   The experience of different shifts of state in an Otherkin is otherwise known as shifting. There are many types of shifts, but these are the most common:

   Phantom-shift - A shift into ones phantom body. The individual feels the sensation of the body or certain limbs of their kintype(s).  

   Mental-shift - A shift in ones mental state to that of something other. The individual feels the urges and instincts of their kintype(s).

   Dream-shift - A shift into ones kintype(s) during a dream. The individual experiences being in the body of their kintype while dreaming.

   Astral-shift - A shift while astral projecting. The individual shifts into something other than human on the astral plane.

   Cameo-shift - A temporary shift that is not associated with ones kintype(s). 


   Many Otherkin experience shifting, but not all of them do. Some Otherkin experience little to no shifting. It is not a requirement of being Otherkin.

Are you Otherkin?

   Determining whether you are Otherkin or not, is really only something you can figure out for yourself. Odds are, if you find that everything you've read here regarding Otherkin sounds like you, you just might be. However, it is important to introspect on your feelings and read more into our community before coming to any conclusions too quickly.  If you think you may be Otherkin, I highly suggest reading the rest of the information here, and also checking out the other resources for more information! 

Do you have more Questions?

If you have more questions that I did not go into detail on here, or want to know more, you can reach me at any of the sources listed on my contact page. I am more than happy to answer!