Terms and Definitions

Azaphaer's Dictionary 

This is a dictionary of terms I've put together going over common terms and their uses in the Otherkin community. Included will be terms from other non-human groups as well to distinguish the difference in experiences that are similar to Otherkin but not the same. 

Otherkin and Related Identities

Otherkin - Someone who is nonhuman. The experience is involuntary and inseparable from a person and usually spiritual or psychological in nature.

Otherborn - Someone who is of a transmigrated soul of a nonhuman being into a human vessel. The belief is purely spiritual in nature and involves the belief in souls. 

Therian - Someone who is an earth animal. This can range from any animal, including those that are extinct. The experience is integral to the individual and involuntary. 

Theriomythic - Someone who is mythical creature that is feral or uncivilized in nature. The identity is animalisitc and involuntarily experienced.

Draconic - Someone who is a dragon. Draconics or those who are of Draconity, believe themselves to be dragons in mind or in spirit. 

Phytanthrope/Plantkin - Someone who is a plant on a non-physical level. The experience is involuntary and integral to the individual's identity. 

Fictionkin - Someone who identifies as a character or species found in a source of media. It is an involuntary experience, integral to the person, and not the same as relating to a fictional being.

Cladotherian - A therian who identifies not as a single distinct species , but as an entire family or genus. (Ex. A canine cladotherian identifies as all canines as opposed to a single species of dog)

Polykin/Polytherian - Someone who has more than one kintype/theriotype. Anyone who identifies as more than 1 being is referred to as polykin or a polytherian. (Ex. Someone who is both dragonkin and elvenkin is polykin, or someone who is a tiger therian and bear therian is polytherian) 

Polymorph - Someone who shifts between creatures and has no singular form. Polymorphs do not have a base identity, or are otherwise shapeshifters(non-physically). They are not the same as polykin/polytherians, but rather a singular amorphous being.

Starseed - A starseed is a person who believes their soul to have originated as an extra-terrestrial from the stars. 

Different Identity Types

Kintype - Otherkin refer to their species as a kintype. (Ex. Someone who is a dragon has a dragon kintype or refers to themselves as dragonkin.)

Theriotype - Therians refer to their species as a theriotype. (Ex. Someone who is a horse has a horse theriotype or refers to themselves as a horse therian.) 

Fictotype - Fictionkin refer to their identity as a fictotype. (Ex. Someone who is a Pokemon has a pokemon fictotype or may call themselves pokemonkin.)

Shifting Experiences 

Phantom Shift - A shift that involves a ghostly feeling of limbs or other bodily sensations that are not present. (Ex. feeling the sensation of wings, tails, or even fur or scales.) 

Mental Shift - A shift that involves feeling a shift in mental state to the instincts and urges of ones kin/theriotype. (Ex. A dog therian shifting to a doglike mindset and walking on all fours)

Aura Shift - A shift in one’s aura field from what would usually be their human aura to something other. This is a spiritual type of shift that would require the belief in such. 

Astral Shift - A shift whereas the astral body separates from the physical body and changes form while on the astral plane. An out of body experience. 

Bilocation Shift - A shift where one self replicates as the being they identify as alongside their human self. The double can appear ghostly or solid but is not actually physically there. It is similar to an OBE, only this happens while awake. 

Sensory Shift - A shift where one feels their senses are more heightened and more aware of their body and surroundings. No physical change actually comes of the body. 

Cameo Shift - A temporary shift that lasts for only a certain period of time, but is not associated with ones kintype, theriotype, or fictotype. 

Different States of Being

Contherian - A therian who experiences no shifting and is in a constant state between human and their theriotype. Their are no fluctuations or changes in state from human to animal. 

Suntherian - A therian whose therioside is integrated with their baseline personality with minor fluctuations from more to less animal. 

Vacillant Therian - A therian whose animalside and humanside are interlaced. The animalside can become noticeably stronger in the mind as needed or desired.  

Other Terms Found in Nonhuman Spaces

Otherhearted - Feeling a strong connection to a species that is often explained as familial in nature is to be Otherhearted. It is to strongly identify with a species rather than as. (Ex. Someone who feels a connection to wolves, would be referred to as wolfhearted.)

Fictionhearted - Feeling a strong connection to a fictional character or species, that is familial in nature, is to be Fictionhearted. It is to strongly identify with a fictional being rather than as. (Ex. Someone who feels a connection to Digimon, would be referred to as Digimonhearted.)

Copinglink - A copinglink is a species or fictional role created specifically for use as a coping mechanism. The copinglink is chosen to help an individual deal with trauma, illness, etc. (Ex. Someone with a lion copinglink uses the role of a lion to cope with a personal struggle.)  

Systems - Those who are multiple people existing in one body are known as a System. They are plural as opposed to non-systems who are singlets. 

Misc. Terms

Awakening - The moment someone realizes they are something other than human is known as an awakening  It is the key moment when someone realizes they are something other than human. 

Phantom Limbs - Ghostly limbs that do not exist on the current physical body.

Astral Limbs - Limbs that exist on the astral plane during astral projection.

Greymuzzle - A term recognizing those who have participated or actively done things in the community for a long period of time or has garnered widespread respect from the community. It is a term that is earned by the community and not given to oneself.

Heart-type - The thing that someone who is otherhearted or fictionhearted is connected to. One's heartype is the being they feel a strong relation towards.

Host - The original, or owner of the body in a multiple system. Not all systems have a host.

Headmate - A member of a plural system. It is more commonly used within the system by other system members. 

Fictive - A member of a system who identifies as fictionkin. It is used by other system members to describe a headmate who identifies as a fictional being. 

Tulpa - An intentionally created consciousness that becomes its own free-thinking being.