Welcome to Through Time and Space. This website will be a collective of information on Otherkin and the groups that fall under it's umbrella. It is here to give the basic idea behind this phenomenon and what it means to those of us who are part of it. This will be information from well established and credible sources within the community. The site has put having the correct information at its top priority and to aide in discrediting any false information that may be out there.

The Author

Astral Dragon / Cybertronian 

     Greetings from the being who created this site. I hope you have found what you are looking for. To introduce myself, I am primarily known as an albino dragon within the community by the name of Azaphaer. I as well identify as the Cybertronian, Starscream, or otherwise Transformers fictionkin. 

     Years of introspection and finding myself have led me to this point, where I now feel confident in my ability to teach others about Otherkin.  From my awakening, to discovery of the non-human communities online in 2007, I have spent much time learning from those who were here before me. Everything from those graying muzzles has helped me to find out who I am and what I have always been. I hope that I can provide that same kind of guiding hand to others some day, or at the least, be able to provide those with this knowledge. 

     In my time in the community, I have witnessed the damage done by misinformation. I'm hoping that eventually we can shift slowly towards having our community's knowledge to be better accessible to those new and old alike. This is the reason I have put together this website. To have the information on Otherkin available to all who wish to know more about who we are.